Check out our Facebook page for all of our upcoming events!

Check out our Facebook page for all of our upcoming events!

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Booking Instructions

You must contact us to check character availability before you submit your deposit.


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Booking a Party

Please call, text or email so we can check availability. We recommend you book 8-12 weeks in advance as we book up very quickly. Always contact us because you never know when we would have a last minute opening.  Verbal reservations are not allowed.  To fully secure a date, we require a deposit and all of your party details. Your party is not booked and your date is not secured until you pay your deposit and confirm via text or email.  If you simply send in your deposit and do not give us a follow up text or ARE NOT YET BOOKED! NO exceptions.   Parties booking within 7 days of the event must pay in full prior to the event unless Miss Kelly instructs you otherwise.

Deposits and Payments

Your deposit will be deducted from the total price. We will send you booking instructions via text or email which explains how to submit your deposit on our website.  Our Payment page is where you can safely submit your deposit.  Please text or email us after you submit deposit. 

The balance must be paid in full the day of the party (cash at event or PayPal before event). We do not accept deposit payments in person.  We do not have an office space to accommodate walk ins. Email and texting works best.  If you call and leave a message we will get back to you asap. 

Final Count and RSVP Policy

You’ll need to get a final count two (2) business days prior to the party.  Should you have more than 15 guests, this could impact some of the activities we do at our events. Our basic packages include activities for up to 15 children. This will be the number used to plan appropriate quantities of supplies  (if applicable). This final count includes the Birthday Child. If a guest is included in the final count and does not attend, unfortunately we cannot provide a refund. Parents are welcome to stay, help and enjoy the party.   Guests younger than three will also need to be supervised. Our characters are never allowed to be with children without an adult from your party supervising.

Cancellations and Refunds

Deposits are non refundable. If you need to reschedule, we will gladly work with you to determine an alternative party date, based on availability.

Party Logistics
Our parties must start and end on time as they probably will have another event to get to.  If you can leave an open parking space in your driveway, that would be fabulous!

For all of our birthday party packages you will need to provide a dry, cool environment for our character performers. We prefer an indoor heated or air conditioned environment with which to perform. Weather permitting you can get an outdoor event approved by Miss Kelly. 

Please ensure that your guests are finished with eating when we arrive.  We love to give hugs and request clean hands and faces!  Children will be asked to sit on the floor near the character for singing, dancing, games etc..   Please have an area clear from toys, debris for your character and guests to move around freely in designated area. We ask that smoking is not permitted during our visit.

Our parties have been created to entertain and engage children ages 3 and up.  If you wish to book for a younger child we cannot guarantee engagement but we will do everything you see in your chosen party package.  

Our performers and their handlers do their very best to reach and engage each child.  Sometimes older children may become unruly.  They like to point out that our entertainer is not real, is wearing a wig, etc... We ask that an adult keep an eye out for that type of behavior.  Small children can also get so excited that they pull, punch, hit, our performers.  Our performers are trained to stop what they are doing and ask a child to sit down and stop such behavior, if an adult does not step in. If our performer has to continuallly redirect a child, this will limit what they are able to do in your allotted time.   Our costumes are very costly and we do not want one of our performers getting hurt on the job. We also want all of your guests to enjoy our visit.

Please note:  Our entertainers are not allowed to hold infants or children.  Their costumes are very slippery and many princesses wear gloves.

Our entertainers are also not allowed to entertain children where they are unsupervised.  An adult from your event age 18 or older must be present in the room where the entertainers are performing.

Our entertainers are ages 16-23.  Please ensure your guests do not engage with our entertainers disrespectfully.  They are trained to walk out of an environment when they feel uncomfortable with the climate.

Enchanted Events, LLC  reserves the right to use photos taken during the party for promotional purposes. These photos will not identify the child’s full name, age, or residence. We are happy to allow you to take as many photos and/or video footage as you like as well.


Prices subject to change without notice.

Final Payment
We try very hard to create a magical experience.  Our characters will stay in character until they are down the street and out of sight!  Please help them create this wonderful experience by being discreet with your final payment.  We like it when parents slip them an envelope as they are walking out the door.  Please double check the payment amount.  We don't like our entertainers counting money at the party. They will step outside and count to double check.  


Gratuities are not included in the package pricing, and are always greatly appreciated by our Characters but NEVER expected.

Arrival and Departure Times

Character Entertainment start & end time will be determined prior to party date. Extended time and/or characters can be accommodated if arrangements are made in advance. We appreciate your consideration and understanding. Driving directions to your location are very much appreciated since web directions are not always reliable.  We make every effort to arrive on time to your event. Should we encounter some unforeseen travel difficulties, we will give you the time you have purchased or a refund of the portion of time we are late.

What happens if a guest arrives late

Because our parties are based on a schedule, they work best when all guests arrive on time. Those guests coming late may join the party at whatever point it has progressed to. Your character will not stop and start over. We have a strict time schedule to adhere to. Your understanding is appreciated. We must start when we arrive because we must leave at the agreed upon time as we will most likely be traveling to another event after yours.

Travel Fee

Party packages include round trip travel within a twenty (25) mile radius from Hwy 94/364).  A travel fee will be charged for travel beyond this twenty (25) mile zone. (We will not travel beyond 25 miles as of January 5, 2017unless approved by our owner.) This charge is necessary to cover the extra travel time, gas, and vehicle wear and tear. Travel time is determined via Google Maps.  Please see the map: the  circle is within the 20/25 mile radius